State units on Åland

There are fourteen State Units on Åland. Twelve of these units are located in the State Administration Building in the central Mariehamn, Torggatan 16.

The District Court of Åland and the Administrative Court of Åland build one unit. The Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI) has an office on the Åland Islands where an official visits regularly.

This webbpage gives you information about the State Units as well as their contact information. For a printable version, please choose Print all authorities on the left side of this page.

In 2017, there were totally 156 people working for the state on the Ålands Islands.

The Governor of Åland

The Governor of Åland holds a nationally and internationally recognised position within Åland's system of autonomy. The Governor is the head of the State Department of Åland.

The Governor co-ordinates the activities of the Finnish State on the Åland Islands and promotes good relations between Åland and Finland.

The Governor represents the Finnish Government and the President of the Republic, and has the right to attend and speak in the Parliament of Åland.

The Governor is Chairman of the Åland Delegation, a body of legal experts assigned to monitor the Parliament of Åland and report on whether it exceeds its authority when adopting legislation. The Åland Delegation determines the annual lump sum and other contributions that the Republic of Finland makes available to the Åland Autonomy authorities.

Peter Lindbäck is Governor of Åland since 1.4.1999.